Funding & Affiliations

NIAAA Grants & Contracts

A Smartphone App to Capture Impaired Inhibitory Control as a Novel Moderate Drinking Tool for Young Adults
PIs: Liana S.E. Hone & Robert Leeman

Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium Administrative and Research Support Core
PI: Robert L. Cook
Role: Associate Director of the Professional Development Program

Substance-Related Sexual Assault Perpetration: The Role of Venues
PI: Liana S.E. Hone

Sex Differences in Intoxicated Sexual Interest Judgments and Risk Perceptions
PI: Liana S.E. Hone

Alcohol’s Effects on Sexual Interest Judgments and Sexual Risk Perceptions
PI: Liana S.E. Hone

Research Training on Alcohol Etiology and Treatment
PI: Kenneth E. Leonard
Role: Postdoctoral Fellow


Clinical and Research Institute on Addictions | Postdoctoral Research
Advisors: Drs. Maria Testa & Lorraine Collins | Director: Dr. Kenneth Leonard

Alcohol Health and Behavior Lab | Postdoctoral Research
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Sher

Social Cognitive and Addiction Neuroscience Lab | Postdoctoral Research
Advisor: Dr. Bruce Bartholow

Evolution and Human Behavior Lab | Graduate Research
Advisor: Dr. Michael McCullough

UC Santa Barbara Anthropology Department | Post-baccalaureate Research
Advisor: Dr. Steven Gaulin

Center for Evolutionary Psychology | Undergraduate Research
Advisor: Dr. Aaron Sell | Directors: Drs. Leda Cosmides & John Tooby

Warwick University Psychology Department | Undergraduate Research
Advisor: Dr. George Dunbar